MARC Undergraduates Information


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The Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center provides bullying, cyberbullying, and cyber-problems prevention to children and schools around the state of Massachusetts.  Undergraduates participate in the Center in a key role

Undergraduates who take the MARC course can participate in several Center activities.  While participation in activities is mandatory, students can choose which activities appeal most to them.  The activities students participate in are:
  1. All undergraduate students in MARC are trained to conduct Peer Leadership Trainings with middle- and high-school students.  MARC helps schools train groups of peer leaders; these are students who lead their own programs in bullying and cyberbullying prevention in their schools.  The adults don't dictate the terms: the students come to a MARC training where you teach them how to conceptualize their school's bullying and cyberbullying problems and then - how to address them.  Although all MARC undergrads are trained, they're not required to participate in actual trainings unless they so choose.  (We train all students because we find that some need to discover how interesting and powerful Peer Leadership Trainings are.)  These Peer Leadership Trainings happen when schools bring a group of middle- or high-school students here to the University to be trained - by you!
  2. Students choose groups or committees to work on: MARC has a Social Media Group, a Publications Group, a Research Group, a Youth Summit Group, and others.  Undergraduate students may propose activities within these groups or may even propose new groups.  We like hearing your input!
  3.  Undergraduates in MARC attend our Youth Summit every spring. Each year, hundreds of high school students descend upon MARC and Bridgewater State University - and you run the show!
  4. Undergraduates in MARC help run our annual state Contests each year.  They help determine criteria and are the judges.  You get to watch the winners you helped pick get their prizes!